Monday, May 29, 2017

Alien Covenant

What is the plot? In 2104 AD, the ship Covenant is heading for another planet in order to colonize it. However, the crew come across a strange transmission coming from an unknown planet. As such, they decide to investigate.
What's good about this movie? The art direction of this movie is rather good. It is on par with the other Alien films.
What's bad about this movie? This movie is an idiot plot. For those not in the know, an idiot plot is a story which only works because the characters are idiots. A good example is one character, because they want to kill a monster they have successfully contained, gets themselves killed in an explosion. Speaking of characters, they are paper thin. One character's sole character trait is being a southern stereotype. The film focuses on the gore, which is gross not scary. The explanation behind the Xenomorphs is incredibly underwhelming. After the climax, we have a 20 minute segment that has no impact on the plot and just drags the movie out longer than necessary. What make this worse is the fact this segment is just an inferior reenactment of the climax of one the previous films. The build up from the previous movie gets resolved in a five minute flashback then is ignored for the rest of the running time. Also, a character from one of the previous Alien movie comes back, but has a largely different characterization due to events never shown to the audience.
The main villain is incredibly weak. Their motivations are on par with a Captain Planet villain. In addition, they randomly make out with people with no real explanation. All of this makes the film a lot less scary.
This was a terrible. This film replaces the tension and suspense of the good Alien films with gore. Not making the xenomorphs the main villains caused the film to suffer in my eyes. This is not helped by the fact they have replaced by a Saturday morning cartoon villain.